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            *  Trifold Common Core Information flyer-- A great handout

            *  OPT OUT Flyer (half sheet-- Great to pass out)


Common Core State Standards:  An Introduction


Simply put, the Common Core is designed to eventually replace local and parental control over education with centralized, top-down control. The purpose is to train students for jobs, not educate them to be full, thoughtful citizens in our democratic republic. If we do not take action now to prevent this destructive experiment on our children, it will be too late. 

 In Short, Common Core Is:

·         *  The Federal takeover of our entire education system.

·        *  New and untested curriculum.

·         *  Data mining over 400 personal facts permanently retained about our children  from preschool through college (P-20) includes fingerprints, health records, iris scans, DNA, blood type, religion, family income, disciplinary problems and much, much more.

·         *  No parental control or opt-out.

·         *  No local or state control of curriculum.

·         *  A one size fits all instruction and mandatory teacher compliance.

·         *  Intruding on the creativity and competitive nature of Charter Schools.

·         *  Expensive!  Common Core will cost taxpayers $1.6 Billion in CA alone.

Important Resources:

·         :  Five part video

Explains the origin of the Common Core - its genesis with private, progressive education interests in Washington, DC - and how the federal government imposed it on the states by tying its adoption to a chance at Race to the Top grants.  Excellent overview of Common Core.

o   Demonstrates that by adopting the Common Core, a state relinquishes its control over what is taught in its schools and paves the way for a national curriculum designed by unaccountable entities in Washington.

o   Explains that the standards not only lack "rigor," but in fact will diminish the education our children receive in English language arts and mathematics.

* Outlines the problems with the national tests that are being designed - behind closed doors - to align with the Common Core.

o   Shows why the costs of implementing the Common Core will dwarf any federal grants received as a reward for adopting the standards.

  •                  *   Reveals the federal dictates to build massive student-data systems so that students can be  
  •                   individually tracked from preschool through career - all in the name of producing "workers" who
  •                   can "compete in the global economy."



o   Stop Common

o   Truth in American Education:

o   California Department of Education:  Common Core State Standards

o   There are websites in opposition to Common Core representing  nearly all the states . 

o   Californians United Against Common Core (CUACC):

o   National Cost of Aligning States and Localities to the Common Core Standards:   “Implementation of the Common Core standards is likely to represent substantial additional expense for most states. While a handful of states have begun to analyze these costs, most states have signed on to the initiative without a thorough, public vetting of the costs and benefits. In particular, there has been very little attention to the potential technology infrastructure costs that currently cash-strapped districts may face in order to implement the Common Core assessments within a reasonable testing window.”  Download the report at the link above.

o   Utah citizens are against Common Core:

o   Education News:

o   Common Core Standards—Pros and Cons—Myths and Facts:

         *  Freedom Kentucky:

Facebook Pages:

       *    Parents and Educators Against Common Core

       *    Californians Against Common Core

        *    Concerned Parents of Napa, Solano, Yolo    


   Books:  Common Core-Trojan Horse for Education Reform  by Orlean Koehle, CA

               President of Eagle Forum.  Books available on the Californians United Against

               Common Core website.

    Files You Can Download:

            *  Trifold Common Core Information flyer-- A great handout

            *  OPT OUT Flyer (half sheet-- Great to pass out)


     Obama's Education Takeover by Lance Izumi, SEnior Fellow of Education

             Studies at the Pacific research Institute